A “Pig”‘s Pulchritude

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the adage applies to not only a person’s love for their pet as in Nicolas Cage’s syncopation with his truffle pig, but also my adoration for Cage’s acting career. Sure, his choices haven’t been ‘pretty’ at times, yet when he delivers a performance such as Pig… Continue reading A “Pig”‘s Pulchritude

Three Summers, Like a Tres Leches Cake, Tres Veroes

Pardon my bad Spanish analogy, but since I love Tres Leches cake, I thought I’d compare Tres Veroes, a fine movie written and directed by Sandra Kogut. First the perfect three part structure: Decembers of 2015, 2016, and 2017. 2015 begins with Mada, played brilliantly by Regina Case, as housekeeper/family caretaker to a wealthy Brazilian… Continue reading Three Summers, Like a Tres Leches Cake, Tres Veroes

God’s Own Country, a must see

Recently I was asked to co-host a program at our local Independent Theater Burns Court for the movie “Ammonite” which debuts November 13th. As a dutiful life long learner, I looked into the writer/director Francis Lee. Lo and behold, was a movie on his filmography I’d been meaning to watch starring one of my favorite… Continue reading God’s Own Country, a must see

A Girl Walks Into a Movie Theater…

A girl walks into a movie theater, intent on seeing Little Women, but just as I veer towards the men’s group at any Super Bowl party, the minute I heard a woman say how Little Women dripped a little too much maudlin, I spun and drove for a power lay up back into Uncut Gems.… Continue reading A Girl Walks Into a Movie Theater…

Uncut Gems: Sparkling!

Not sure how to write a review about a revelation without spoiling this film written by my cherished Safdie brothers (Good Time, Daddy Long Legs) and their writing partner Ronald Bronstein. BUT I will keep my promise!! Suffice to say it’s a must see and certainly breaks into my top ten at ‘lucky’ number 7… Continue reading Uncut Gems: Sparkling!

Sweetest Peanut Butter I’ve Ever Known

Hyperbole, schmyperbole, I’m jumping on The Peanut Butter Falcon Oscar bandwagon ready to throw non-breakables at the television should it not win several awards. Best Original Screenplay: Tyler Nilson and Mike Schwartz are the new Affleck/Damon, great storytelling and not a second of filler in the entire movie. My movie companion was dying to get… Continue reading Sweetest Peanut Butter I’ve Ever Known

“Val” Kilmer, A Documentary in Collage Form

Ting Poo and Leo Scott had their hands full in directing the life story of Val Kilmer. Taken almost entirely from his own incessant videotaping his life in it’s entirety, Val literally tells his life story. Had I not read his sumptuously written memoir “I’ll Be Your Huckleberry”, I may have been more impressed. But… Continue reading “Val” Kilmer, A Documentary in Collage Form

Roadrunner: Heartbreaking, But Fair

Say what you want, but I thought Roadrunner was a fair documentary about Anthony Bourdain. He certainly isn’t the first, and unfortunately won’t be the last, of middle aged men who fall in love with a young woman, champion her causes and career, and then suffer heartbreaking infidelity. Obviously, women (including yours truly) have also… Continue reading Roadrunner: Heartbreaking, But Fair

All Hail the King, as in Scott, writer of Frances Ferguson

I’m a new fan of Scott King who was originally praised by Sundance back in 1999 for a film called Treasure Island. Although that film was a drama, it still managed to star Nick Offerman, who I am assuming is a friend, as Offerman narrates in his signature deadpan style Frances Ferguson released in 2020.… Continue reading All Hail the King, as in Scott, writer of Frances Ferguson

Summer of Soul: Return to Innocence Our Goal

Summer of Soul: (Or when the revolution could not be televised) directed by the musical genius Questlove is a gorgeous documentary about a 1969 R & B, Gospel and Blues concert in Harlem. Overshadowed by Woodstock and the Moon landing, the footage and press on the concert was buried for years. Not a brag, but… Continue reading Summer of Soul: Return to Innocence Our Goal

Zola: O Ma!

Zola written and directed by Janicza Bravo (creator of past films like Lemon which starred her husband the fabulous Brett Gelman) proves that the wife in this case may eclipse her spouse. Meaning, Zola is original, memorable and upsetting which are all hallmarks of an important film. Sex trafficking is an important issue, but not… Continue reading Zola: O Ma!

ITH:Finally, a musical extravaganza like the old days!

I remember seeing my first Fred Astaire movie, simply in awe at the dancing prowess, not just of ‘the man’, but all the dancers moving in perfect synchronicity. So how refreshing, but not surprised considering my adoration for Hamilton, to be super moved by the dancing in Quiara Alegria Hudes and Linn-Manuel Miranda’s play and… Continue reading ITH:Finally, a musical extravaganza like the old days!

Undine, (Water)Mark her words

I discovered Christian Petzold after catching Transit one home cinema evening. I enjoyed how smart the story was and how it challenged me to pay attention. Likewise, with Petzold’s newest Undine, loosely based on the water nymph mythology. Petzold reteams the unrequited lovers in Transit, actress Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski as well as another… Continue reading Undine, (Water)Mark her words