Poor Things does far more for feminism than Barbie, sorry Greta…

Poor Things is my number one movie of the year thus far. There’s still time left for Perfect Days or All Strangers Here as both trailers look like a heart crushers, but it’ll have to be supreme to beat Lanthimos direction with the delectable screenplay by Tony McNamara (Oscar nominee for another Lanthimos, The Favorite)… Continue reading Poor Things does far more for feminism than Barbie, sorry Greta…

Almost Toxin, West Virginia

Mark Ruffalo deserves some credit. He could choose pretty roles at this point in his career, fun stuff like all comic book movies or even hold out for the ninth Tarantino, but no, Ruffalo has consistently chosen movies he finds important: Spotlight, Foxcatcher and now the well written and directed “Black Waters”. “Black Waters” details… Continue reading Almost Toxin, West Virginia

Kenneth Lonergan, where you been all my life?

I’ve been a bad girl here at the tail end of 2016. After more defeats than victories in human connections department, I went back into a bit of a hermit mode, knowing full well I had a life line coming on December 31st (best friend from Rochester arriving). But there’s a silver lining in every… Continue reading Kenneth Lonergan, where you been all my life?

“Spotlight” on Research and Conscience

Spotlight, directed and co written by Tom McCarthy, is an important film. Period. And sometimes having a dysfunctional part of our society exposed is more important than media entertainment. In an artistic sense, “Spotlight” was ho-hum. Research and conscience do not equate great visuals. I’m sure Charlie Kaufman or PT Anderson could come up with… Continue reading “Spotlight” on Research and Conscience

Infinitely Polar Bear, Infinite Jest

Hopefully some reader will recognize my title to be both that of the Maya Forbes film starring Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal of bi-polar disorder AS WELL AS the title of a book by David Foster Wallace known partially for his psychological disturbances, possibly including bi-polar disorder, who is also the subject of a movie that’s out… Continue reading Infinitely Polar Bear, Infinite Jest

Yes, Virginia there is a S.C.! (Steve Carell)

Steve Carell I was skeptical about Foxcatcher, partly because I couldn’t hide from reviews that claimed the screenplay was thin. Thank goodness I sometimes take these reviews with a grain of salt, as Foxcatcher contains a very well written story and fabulous performances by Steve Carrel, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum. First, the most unique… Continue reading Yes, Virginia there is a S.C.! (Steve Carell)