Trainwreck & the Tracks of My Tears

I was really looking forward to Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. Like many, I thought she was too crude at one time, but three skits on her tv series Inside Amy Schumer turned me right around this past winter. First the skits which I implore you to google one, if not all, and watch to your giggle’s… Continue reading Trainwreck & the Tracks of My Tears

“Amy, What You Gonna Do?”

After a second viewing of “Amy” I now feel my original comments below were way too harsh. I saw in the film’s second time around, beautiful aerial shots of London and NYC, well placed footage evoking the emotion of the moment, and an instrumental score both poignant and deep. Still, I think the first third… Continue reading “Amy, What You Gonna Do?”

J. Schwartzman: “I Kissed a Guy and I Liked…”

“The Overnight” didn’t meet my unrealistic expectations. I was hoping for something akin to Demme’s “Something Wild”, but except for Jason Schwartzman who makes the best semi real comically kooky man since Woody Allen, this film was more like couples therapy than comedy. What was missing was a little more slapstick which I rarely encourage.… Continue reading J. Schwartzman: “I Kissed a Guy and I Liked…”

A Baker’s Half Dozen (Seven) The Wolfpack

I wanted more resolution from “The Wolfpack” (directed by Crystal Moselle) instilled from the former school counselor in me. If anything, the film shows how inept our social services programs are, and on the sick flip side, probably gives hope to abusive parents. The Angulo father seems unphased and unscathed after an intervention landed all… Continue reading A Baker’s Half Dozen (Seven) The Wolfpack