“Tar”red and Intrigued

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While I’m itching to hear others’ opinions about Tar, I’ll be a virgin and give my own first. This is not a spoiler, and I have to tell you that the musical credits come at the beginning of the film. And when I say musical credits, I mean every cellist, trumpet, cymbal, banjo (laugh emoji) player who performed. The women next to us humorously said aloud, “Ok so this is the first half hour”…only a slight exaggeration. And post script, these two left about 45 minutes into the film, confirming my inner voices arguing, “wtf?’ and “something will happen soon”.

The next bit was either specific writer director Todd Field’s choice to say, “I’m throwing you into the water, now SWIM!” meaning you are thrown into the world of symphonic pretentiousness without much detail as to who anyone is…
OR this movie was edited to shreds which could be very possible since, for one example, Alec Baldwin was reportedly in the film and his name does appear in the AFTER movie credits (yes there were more credits), but he was no where to be found and I took a bladder infection over going to the bathroom lest I miss any ‘action’.

This is not to imply that I disliked the film, but that it may take me days to get a grip on its meaning. Some themes, statements and questions are obvious: 1. some people can only feel through music and art and thus look like horrible people when maybe they are no different than autistic people 2. pompous ass leaders get their bad karma in the end or do they simply morph to new vistas? 3. The symphonic world with all its elegance is a nasty cut throat business and 4. Is being non-judgmental and loving the art over the artist an idea by which someone should be canceled? As to this last question, should the answer be yes, I’d be doubly erased for my Heston-like stance of prying MJ’s music and W.A. films out of my cold dead hands.

Cate Blanchett is a superior multilingual actress getting closer to the Meryl Streep level of drama. Nina Hoss who plays her partner, is solid as the wood used to make a violin. And Noemie Merlant is tremendous as the Maestro’s Assistant. The male lead stand out is Mark Strong.

I have lingering questions, but will hopefully have those answered by others’ who witnessed this film. I will end by saying Todd Field’s two previous movies: In the Bedroom and Little Children were far superior.

By Goldie

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