Spencer: First Choice for Re-watch

For those who grew up in a dysfunctional household where holidays were not quite ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, Spencer will feel like a walk down memory lane…And while some might choose The French Dispatch for best 2021 re-watch (and I’m game, genius creativity at too high rpms), given the choice I’d say… Continue reading Spencer: First Choice for Re-watch

Seberg, A Worthy Attempt

Seberg, directed by Benedict Andrews, is a worthy effort that could have been more effective had the pacing been sped up. Watching the film was like playing a record on a speed too slow. Editing of one scene would have quickened its stride; a totally superfluous NYC scene in which Jean Seberg, portrayed expertly by… Continue reading Seberg, A Worthy Attempt

Woody Allen’s Cafe Society, a place I’d commit to: one day at a time

https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Cafe+Society+Woody+Allen&view=detailv2&qft=+filterui%3alicense-L2_L3_L4_L5_L6_L7&id=53A58E449FBAD1797140761F5EB8B3B62E6DD157&selectedIndex=4&ccid=yvksKv20&simid=608027852503581068&thid=OIP.Mcaf92c2afdb4e209cff4982e95ec2847o0 I have added a link at the end of this blog about the pros and cons of the INTP Myers-Brigg Personality type to peruse if psychology interests you. As I navigate new opportunities and major choices of where to live and work in South Florida, I realize more and more how difficult it is… Continue reading Woody Allen’s Cafe Society, a place I’d commit to: one day at a time

Clouds of Sils Marie, ‘CirrEus’ clouds that is

I liked Clouds of Sils Marie and was glad that yet another trailer was deceiving. It’s not a shallow Black Swan- cut throat theater actress pic, but more like a dramatic theater like performance; a mountain made slowly with layers of sedimentary rock. In fact, when a dark screen title Part Two popped up, I… Continue reading Clouds of Sils Marie, ‘CirrEus’ clouds that is