Movies with Dad: Shop Around the Corner

I’m not a classic film scholar, but I do know a timeless movie. And while I’ve seen shop Around the Corner before, I delighted in it once again last night. Ernst Lubitsch, three time Oscar nominee, directed this fine affair where an exception comes in to play where three screenwriters (Raphaelson, Laszlo, and Hecht) pulled off an excellent result instead of the too many cooks routine.
The leads are, of course, iconic: Jimmy Stewart who’s gangly vulnerability gets me every time. Margaret Sullivan who was bubbly and uber romantic, but never overdone.
The accessory characters were anything but ‘also rans’ each with their own unique added flare: Frank Morgan (The Wizard!) is a gem as the indignant, yet wounded CEO. William Tracy as the overweening errand boy who promotes himself to sales. Felix Bressart as the wise, dutiful husband and Joseph Schilkraut as the dandy philanderer.

The film in and of itself makes you appreciate your work family, and if you need added humility and gratitude, look up what the mortality ages of most of the supporting players, most of whom did no make it to 60.
Happy Holidays and God Bless Us, Everyone!

By Goldie

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