The Cathedral: Brilliant, Haunting and Heady

Deciding to shift down from the Thanksgiving/Birthday Go Go Go, I decided to take in an at home film nominated for the 2023 Independent Spirit Awards. After all, these are the folks that acknowledged Uncut Gems, Red Rocket and Zola. The Cathedral, written and directed by Ricky D’Ambrose is a former winner at the Sarasota… Continue reading The Cathedral: Brilliant, Haunting and Heady

The Fabelmans, Adults are Overrated

I think this every holiday season: without children, we don’t need the traditional celebrations. If I was Queen, I’d say screw the turkey and save the Christmas (Or Hanukkah) gift money and let’s do an activity; philanthropic donations and bowling perhaps. I say this to introduce how I felt about The Fablemans, directed by Steven… Continue reading The Fabelmans, Adults are Overrated

Bones and All-Most

Please email me your comments at…I have not cracked the code of getting WordPress to be my friend re. comment availability. I promise to answer all humans who reply. Bones and All is based on a book by Camille DeAngelis and certainly not anything I’d ever read. The horror/love story genre’s not my cup… Continue reading Bones and All-Most

Broker, Positive End-Orphans

PREFACE: Please email me with your comments at I promise to respond to every human:) I’ve been a fan of Hirokazu Koreeda ever since having my heart broken open by his film Shoplifters, so my expectations were gigantic for his newest, Broker. Koreeda went solo on this film, managing both the screenplay and direction… Continue reading Broker, Positive End-Orphans

Chile ’76, A Fine First Feature Filet

Manuela Martelli has quite a few acting roles under her belt, but this is her first feature directed film. I had to do a double take as her resemblance to the main female lead played by Aline Kuppenheim is astounding! Martelli shares the writing credit with Alejandra Moffat and must be thrilled with the international… Continue reading Chile ’76, A Fine First Feature Filet

The Banshees of Inisherin: Location, Location, Loc-

Sometimes your location really matters when it comes to where one views a movie. If I had seen The Banshees of Inisherin in my new hometown of Sarasota, the sultry outside may have been too much of a mismatch for me to enjoy the film as thoroughly as I did. But in my OLD hometown… Continue reading The Banshees of Inisherin: Location, Location, Loc-

Call Jane Makes 2022 Look Almost Utopian

I sometimes lament our 2022 technology obsessed culture, but 1968, to borrow a phrase from a former colleague of mine, was no Swiss picnic. Racial strife and the constrictive gender roles look so dystopian and are the key topics of Call Jane, Phyllis Nagy’s first feature film. The screenwriters Hayley Schore and Roshan Sheti need… Continue reading Call Jane Makes 2022 Look Almost Utopian