Azor: A Creeper with a Calendar

Thank goodness for the calendar in Azor, otherwise I would have not quite understood the full length of Andreas Fontana’s new drama. Let me help you out: the movie is based on 1980 when the government had essentially been overthrown and a period known as The National Reorganization Process took over in the form of a junta.
Again, the only hint we get that the film is set in the 1980’s is one measly desk calendar that reads NOV 1980.
The reason this is important is that many people disappeared during this time, suspected of course to be too powerful for the new regime’s liking.
Well worth the watch, even with much darkness (dim offices, dark hotels, dark streets) as there is the occasional country side of Argentina and an Everglades like river. The music is creepy to boot with an off key baroque sound. Mix in some Alpha Alpha males and a weasly priest, and you have what it takes to make a suspenseful film. I felt the unease without having to shut my eyes, my kind of terror!
Fabrizio Rangione and Stephanie Cleau shine as the married couple with ambition without much lust. The movie paints a cynical look at relationships as one of the two matrons purrs, “I am bored to death so much of the time”. She made my romantic cynicism look romantic.

By Goldie

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