Zone of Interest: Enter at Your Own Risk

My day started off rather prophetically when I saw an absolute heinous Vogue article by a young mother who just can’t stand playing with her toddler son. UGH! I thought. There is no justice that ungrateful brats can have children while others who really want them go through painstaking In vitro procedures to no avail.… Continue reading Zone of Interest: Enter at Your Own Risk

My Top Five Of 2023

A big cheat, but a tie for Number One: Poor Things for it’s originality and whimsy, Holdovers for it’s homage to my favorite decade (the 1970’s) Number Two: Going way against my original first impression, Past Lives. The film making from the grand sweeping shots of New York, to the smaller melancholic reflections in mud… Continue reading My Top Five Of 2023

“Anomaly” of a Fall

I renamed this film “Anomaly” of a Fall, substituting anomaly for anatomy since I think the term courtroom drama is an oxymoron. And by that I mean, these days, since the trope has been done to death. Yet like a magician, Justine Triet (director, writer) and Arthur Harari (co-writer) have cooked up an interesting courtroom… Continue reading “Anomaly” of a Fall