Killers of the Flower Moon: About Damn Time

With appreciation to Lizzo for the song title “About Damn Time”, the title fits this review in two ways. First and and foremost, God bless David Grann who wrote the original book and Martin Scorsese for adapting it with Eric Roth. Even more so, to decide instead of a police/FBI procedural to depict the interior… Continue reading Killers of the Flower Moon: About Damn Time

Just Hand it Over

Revenant is precisely why I love films; leaving the theater, I felt both emboldened by the tenacity of Leonardo Di Caprio’s character ‘Hugh’ and yet also humbled by the sheer endurance of all of my ancestors who battled weather, topography, illness, nature all without a smartphones or gas powered vehicles. And while the New Yorker… Continue reading Just Hand it Over