“Tar”red and Intrigued

If you’re new to my blog, I’ve attempted to fix the reply feature several times over and being a techno-dunce, can’t succeed. Hence, send your replies to my email (yes it’s real): irun2eatpizza@hotmail.com I really would like to hear your thoughts. While I’m itching to hear others’ opinions about Tar, I’ll be a virgin and… Continue reading “Tar”red and Intrigued

Chemistry Counts: Guillermo No, Steven, Yes Sir!

(Write to me your comments and opinions at irun2eatpizza@hotmail.com) I did something I rarely do Friday when I chose walking out of Nightmare Alley over hari kari (now the latter would have been a carnival side show!). Just depression with all caps with zero chemistry between Mara and Cooper, as well as zippo for Cooper… Continue reading Chemistry Counts: Guillermo No, Steven, Yes Sir!