Roxanne on Demand: Nyad!

Wow, am I ever so glad Renee Baggott and Trish Calandra told me to watch Nyad on Netlfix. I was crying at the 37 minute point. Julia Cox and THE Diana Nyad, screenwriters and the directors, Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarshelyi (known for Free Solo) did a yeoman’s job of escalating the tension in Nyad’s many attempts at the Cuba to Keys swim. They also were very wise and choosing two of the best actresses (Annette Bening as Nyad and Jodie Foster as Coach Stoll).

A word about Bening and Foster, two equally talented and equally aging actresses: they both deserve awards for this film. I’m pretty jaded at this point as far as emotional impact and biopic fatigue, but these women inspired me with their gritty performances. I root for them at the Golden Globes and may they also get more roles very, very soon.

The ship captain, Rhys Ifans, also was very believable. I’ve seen him in Notting Hill, but have not seen his BAFTA winning performance in Not Only But Always, which I just discovered is a recount of a Dudley Moor friendship with Peter Cook.

The soundtrack of the film is also terrific, many 70’s hits, including Neil Young’s Heart of Gold.
Thank you Renee and Trish!

By Goldie

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