White Noise: Driver’s Poise

Adam Driver is an actor without enough awards. If I were Empress of the Academy, he would have won hands down for Marriage Story and ditto for his performance in Annette. White Noise isn’t award worthy, BUT Driver is totally believable and admirable as the geeky college professor/husband/father in Noah Baumbach’s White Noise. What the… Continue reading White Noise: Driver’s Poise

A Knockoff: House of Gucci

If you came out to my TALK BACK at Burns Court, THANK YOU. Comments won’t work on this blog site, but please email me at irun2eatpizza@hotmail.com with any comments on the movie, what you’d like to see in future talk backs, anything!! Yo Ridley, yes you, Mr Scott, Com’ere. And you, Becky Johnston, well, you… Continue reading A Knockoff: House of Gucci

Adam Driver is staring at me: Annette

I don’t read any reviews before I see a film and have written the review. That statement is mostly true; I read the last paragraph of AO Scott’s Annette review, dying to know what my son and I were in for. Hence, how and why Adam Driver is staring at me, from the accompanying photo… Continue reading Adam Driver is staring at me: Annette

Marriage Story Busts into My Top Three of the Year, Easily!

As if my birthday wasn’t fun enough in NYC with my beautiful son Liam, yesterday thanks to my-friend-who-treats-me-like-gold Jack Guren, I was privileged enough to see a screener of Marriage Story, Noah Baumbach’s take on the gut wrenching process of divorce. You’d think the way our jaded culture (and myself in colder moments) throws the… Continue reading Marriage Story Busts into My Top Three of the Year, Easily!

Spike Lee’s Signature: Blackkklansman

I enjoy Spike Lee. God Bless him, seriously, every movie he makes really tries to do what his first big film was actually titled, “Do The Right Thing”. And every movie he makes definitely has his signature. Kooky graphics, mystical camera tricks, and ‘hit you over the head morality’. He also has the gift of… Continue reading Spike Lee’s Signature: Blackkklansman

Adam “Baby” Driver, Just One Reason to see Logan Lucky

Logan Lucky was just what the doctor ordered, a squeeze in of fun between one enervating work shift and before a totally different, and oft times lonely eight hours. I shan’t bore you with the details, besides there’s too much to say about Logan Lucky. Not just because Adam Driver, is the attractive introverted, quirky,… Continue reading Adam “Baby” Driver, Just One Reason to see Logan Lucky

Rituals Paterson Rituals

The Red Wheelbarrow* (William Carlos Williams, 1883 – 1963) so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. Jim Jarmusch used William Carlos Williams as his muse for the movie Paterson. And if you’re going to see a movie without any action, based on poetry, one would think… Continue reading Rituals Paterson Rituals