Don’t Look Up But Get Down with Your Sense of Humor

Don’t Look Up written (with the help of David Sirota: Guardian Contributor Bernie’s Speech Writer 2020) and directed by Adam McKay consists of a more star studded cast than can be held in the sky reported on by scientists Leo DeCaprio and Jen Lawrence. You name him/her/they and they are also in the movie: Streep, Rylance, Hill, Blanchett, Chalamet, Perry and Ariana Grande`.
The writing is hilarious and USA self-deprecating. Any critic who says it’s too harsh or blunt, needs to undergo a funny bone transplant, STAT. This is our decade’s Dr. Strangelove, deliciously sardonic about stupid politicians, evil shallow ‘news’ reporters, vapid pop stars, whiny housewives and doltish children. If there were anytime in history when we all need to get whacked in the face with a humble stick, now is the time.
My favorite performances were Mark Rylance as the outwardly naive and nerdy with a narcissistic interior and Jonah Hill as the spoiled old money/old power POTUS’s son and Chief of Staff.
If you need a chuckle for post holiday depression, this is your ticket. The movie whizzes by like a comet at over two hours which speaks to its expert pacing and joyful surprise.
Can’t make my top ten as it’s too slapstick to be a serious contender, but by far and a way my favorite comedy of 2021.

By Goldie

Aspiring writer who has retired from the institution of education. I've written plays, three of which have been performed both in Rochester NY and here in Sarasota FL. I also write stand up and obviously, film critique. My comment section does not work, so please email me your comments at

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