Sarasota Film Fest Documentary: Oleg, an Editing Feat

“Oleg, The Oleg Vidov Story” is an editing feat. As a documentary told in chronological story, no matter how exciting the events, a writer (in this case, Cory Taylor) and director (Nadia Tass) have to spice it up with timely clips that put us in the subject’s milieu. And Oleg does this in a fascinating… Continue reading Sarasota Film Fest Documentary: Oleg, an Editing Feat

Flee, Moving and Commendable

Immigration seems to be the new school shootings, meaning, most have heard so many stories, both news and renditions (American Dirt and Dreamers just to name one) that to make a documentary about the topic is risky due to public news fatigue. CLARIFICATION: to me, both topics are still VERY important and relevant. Further proof… Continue reading Flee, Moving and Commendable

The Jesus Music: Holy Trilogy of Tears

At one point while watching The Jesus Music at AMC Sarasota, I thought, very un-Christian-like, “who are the dicks on Rotten Tomatoes who didn’t like this?” but then…the movie keeps going and going. Then I had to reverse track and say, I’m one of those dicks. I was moved to tears three times, once regarding… Continue reading The Jesus Music: Holy Trilogy of Tears

“Val” Kilmer, A Documentary in Collage Form

Ting Poo and Leo Scott had their hands full in directing the life story of Val Kilmer. Taken almost entirely from his own incessant videotaping his life in it’s entirety, Val literally tells his life story. Had I not read his sumptuously written memoir “I’ll Be Your Huckleberry”, I may have been more impressed. But… Continue reading “Val” Kilmer, A Documentary in Collage Form

Roadrunner: Heartbreaking, But Fair

Say what you want, but I thought Roadrunner was a fair documentary about Anthony Bourdain. He certainly isn’t the first, and unfortunately won’t be the last, of middle aged men who fall in love with a young woman, champion her causes and career, and then suffer heartbreaking infidelity. Obviously, women (including yours truly) have also… Continue reading Roadrunner: Heartbreaking, But Fair

Summer of Soul: Return to Innocence Our Goal

Summer of Soul: (Or when the revolution could not be televised) directed by the musical genius Questlove is a gorgeous documentary about a 1969 R & B, Gospel and Blues concert in Harlem. Overshadowed by Woodstock and the Moon landing, the footage and press on the concert was buried for years. Not a brag, but… Continue reading Summer of Soul: Return to Innocence Our Goal

Best Foreign Film List Complete: “Collective”

Since the onslaught of shut downs a year ago, I occasionally fall into a black hole where I fear the world is falling apart. A combination of Megyn Kelly’s disturbing news report on Bill Maher’s show last week and watching a best foreign film nominee, called “Collective”, I once again woke up in the middle… Continue reading Best Foreign Film List Complete: “Collective”