Howard’s End, Karma comes around

No, you did not time travel back to 1992. Sarasota’s Burns Court Cinema was playing Howard’s End last week (October 2016) because…..hmm, good question. Twenty four years isn’t actually an anniversary milestone. At any rate, I had missed this film back in ’92, probably due my consuming desire to have a baby. (I got my… Continue reading Howard’s End, Karma comes around

In Difesa Mia Madre

How do you lika my I-talian? Sorry, shouldn’t be silly when my defending this film is downright serious. IMDB 6.9, really? Rotten Tomatoes Audience 64%? For shame. I agree more with the RT Critic’s score of 88%. Acting first: Nanno Moretti, who wrote and directed the film, also played the rock solid brother. And yes,… Continue reading In Difesa Mia Madre

No Good Deed Goes Un ‘Sully’ ed

How thoughtful of the Hollywood 20 to simulate the arctic air atop the January Hudson River….NOT.:) Hey, I’m grateful, I got to go outside to get warm afterward, which is still pretty novel for a New York transplant. “Sully”, directed by Clint Eastwood, was excellent. Not tremendous, in spite of Tom Hanks, who is undeniably… Continue reading No Good Deed Goes Un ‘Sully’ ed

Menage a` Trois: two cons and an inferno

Got behind on the blog due to writing a play, titled “Thanks for Giving a Damn”, my apologies. Three flicks on tap, two about cons, one doc and the other based on a true story. First, “The JT Leroy Story” about a woman who, due to trauma either caused by or combined with sexual and… Continue reading Menage a` Trois: two cons and an inferno