Master Gardener: Suffocating the Seeds

I really wanted to love Master Gardener, Paul Schrader’s third film of the ‘man in a room trilogy’, primarily because of my polar opposite experiences of the first two. I ADORED First Reformed and was fully on board with his messaging of environmental concerns, religious hypocrisy and oppression and of course the phenomenal performances of… Continue reading Master Gardener: Suffocating the Seeds

Madame: Collette & Keitel

Madame is a homework movie I watched for my upcoming talk on Mafia Mamma on April 14th at Burns Court Theater. Madame is written and directed by Amanda Sthers who also wrote Mafia Mamma. Reading her book Holy Lands (also turned into a film), I’m fully understanding her style, whimsically moving. Madame never made it… Continue reading Madame: Collette & Keitel

Emily, Smothering Heights

Emily, written and directed by Golden Globe nominated actress Frances O’Connor, is an inventive tale based on the life of Emily Bronte. For a first time directorial debut, Emily is quite stunning despite its Victorian age setting. Let’s face it, first love stories have been done to death, so for O’Connor to come up with… Continue reading Emily, Smothering Heights

Living: Many Intimate Moments

Living, a film based on a previous 1952 film by legendary cinema giant Kurosawa was written by Nobel Prize winning author Ishiguro. A creation of such origin was bound to be special and Living, while not a perfect 10, certainly contains many gorgeous moments. Realize that gorgeous doesn’t necessarily mean positive evocative emotions, as some… Continue reading Living: Many Intimate Moments

Broker, Positive End-Orphans

PREFACE: Please email me with your comments at I promise to respond to every human:) I’ve been a fan of Hirokazu Koreeda ever since having my heart broken open by his film Shoplifters, so my expectations were gigantic for his newest, Broker. Koreeda went solo on this film, managing both the screenplay and direction… Continue reading Broker, Positive End-Orphans

Back to Back Classics in SRQ: Two Johns and a Jimmy

What a gift to live in Sarasota! Thursday I saw Grease (Kleiser, 1978) on the big screen at the charming Burns Court Theater (Sarasota Film Society) where joy was expressed in the gyrating seat dances and applause after each song. Truly a blessing to listen to audience members share their love for Olivia Newton-JOHN and… Continue reading Back to Back Classics in SRQ: Two Johns and a Jimmy

Peter Von Kant: Raises Interesting Questions

First of all, where are my people? Come on world, or ok, I’ll go smaller, Sarasota. Ok, smaller still, Ringling College Film Majors? I’d really like to see more intellectual and artsy people at Burns Court. For Peter Von Kant, I had a small passionate few who stayed for the talk back who I really… Continue reading Peter Von Kant: Raises Interesting Questions

Compartment No. 6, Don’t Passover the Little Guy/Girl

Winning three awards at Cannes, directed and adapted from a novel to the screen by Juho Kuomanen, Compartment No. 6 is not a film at which to sneeze, yet because it didn’t make the U.S. Slap Fest, most people probably pass it by. But foreign films are often deeper than American (sorry USA) and Compartment… Continue reading Compartment No. 6, Don’t Passover the Little Guy/Girl

“The Outfit” Comes Off a Little Too Easily

Graham Moore, Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay for the very moving The Imitation Game, co-wrote and directed The Outfit, out now at Burns Court and AMC Bradenton. And while I love Mark Rylance (I could have kissed him for making me laugh so hard in “Don’t Look Up”), this film was just a little… Continue reading “The Outfit” Comes Off a Little Too Easily