Second Time Around: Boyhood

Remember that Shalamar song “The Second Time Around”, an adorable ditty from the 80’s? The songs lyric, “It’s better than the first time”…is true for watching “Boyhood”. Club sandwiches come to mind as an apt analogy regarding both the scene breakdown and the soundtrack. This time around, I appreciated the number of scenes during each… Continue reading Second Time Around: Boyhood

Calvary, the Saints Come Marching In

“Calvary” written and directed by John Michael McDonagh (The Guard, Ned Kelly) is definitely worth seeing. In fact, having just finished a screenwriting class, this could be the template given to future writers showing them the ropes: ~make your main character suffer and holy Job, does Brendan Gleeson’s character suffer ~have quirky unique minor characters… Continue reading Calvary, the Saints Come Marching In

Jodorowsky’s The Dance of Reality

A funny thing happened on the way to the theater, well, actually inside the lobby. At the Little Theater in Rochester, NY, to see Jodorowsky’s The Dance of Reality, I loitered beforehand, looking at movie posters, being idiosyncratic and wanting to sit without a romantic couple plunking themselves behind me-yes, alone on a Saturday night,… Continue reading Jodorowsky’s The Dance of Reality

Venus in Fur: Piled High

In the most recent AARP newsletter, the author Nicholson Baker inferred his indifference to the hubbub regarding the naughty aspects of 50 Shades of Gray and I have to agree. Meaning, sex is extremely enjoyable in its basic form which is also why I’m pretty naïve to sexual fetishes. So I was surprised and intrigued… Continue reading Venus in Fur: Piled High

Skimming the Cinematic Stones: Early Linklater

Between my son’s practice in the Finger Lakes Opera ‘Carmen’ and my work on a Blue Cat Screenplay Contest Short, completing a triology of early Linklater was a challenge. But guess what, I’m not late! Santa aka ‘Boyhood’ won’t be in Rochester, New York till 8/15. Let’s start with the wonderful surprise of Slackers (1991),… Continue reading Skimming the Cinematic Stones: Early Linklater