Pawn Sacrifice, seats available

I saw Pawn Sacrifice a week ago, and attempted to laugh a most intellectual snicker when I heard the woman in front of me at the box office complain that now that recliners were installed ‘good’ movies are sold out. She was lucky to be saved from The Intern, subtitled DeNiro Doesn’t Care About His… Continue reading Pawn Sacrifice, seats available

“Sleeping With Other People”, Oddly Refreshing

Leslye Headland’s “Sleeping With Other People” was a quirky romantic comedy. Certainly not flawless, yet different enough that I felt momentarily changed to a slightly less inhibited state. So first, the bad news, as in unrealistic dialogue. When Jason Sudeikis sleeps with Amanda Peet (and let’s be clear, Sudeikis is not Peet-worthy in the real… Continue reading “Sleeping With Other People”, Oddly Refreshing