Mind blowing is not hyperbole: Soul

You’re reading a review by an adult cynic…like animation!? Poppycock. Except….”I Lost My Body” and “Up”. So small group of exceptions. But add and in fact, move “Soul” to the number one position…in fact call me Kanye storming the stage if it doesn’t win the best Oscar animated film.

And it makes perfect sense, since Peter Docter also wrote both Soul and Up. Mike Jones added his own flair to the story as well. And Kemp Powers did double duty helping Docter with direction and both Docter and Jones with the screenplay. Not to mention Powers working on the masterpiece One Night in Miami. A talented trio to be sure.

The prime voices of note were Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, and special praise also goes to Rachel House as the New Zealand accented accountant.

I assumed the music (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross) would be paramount and although it was good, the moving story and off the charts animation clearly overpower any other facets.

Voyagers, Doesn’t Pass Jordan Peterson’s Rule 6

I’m obsessed with Jordan Peterson’s wisdom in Beyond Order: 12 More Rules.
So after half liking Voyagers, written and directed by Neil Burger (Divergent, The Illusionist), I changed my mind to a below 50% rating.
Here’s why: in Rule 6, Abandon Ideology, Jordan warns against viewing things/people/ideas as black and white. Burger’s screenplay, a space adventure Lord of the Flies, doesn’t aim for any nuances. Main characters are 2-d: evil (Fionn Whitehead, who to give him credit, wears that lean and look well) or innocently pure (Colin Farrel, Lily-Rose Depp and Tye Sheridan also wearing their ‘white hats’ fashionably). All the other characters are pretty much sheep.
Yes, it was a ‘fun ride’ to get you off the planet for and hour forty-five, but the cinematography (with the exception of a stellar sequence at the beginning of an infant growing in the womb) was god awful boring. And the corniness of some of the dialogue: Lily: “what will we do now?” with so pregnant a pause, that I was dying to scream out a comedian’s retort, Tye: “I don’t know…fuck like rabbits?” ….forgive my French.
Wait for Voyagers on tv, or better yet, queue up some old Star Treks when people had three dimensional morality.

Just like a well crafted cocktail, Bad Trip is humorous taken one small dose at a time

I watched Bad Trip over the course of four or five evenings, like a nightly tonic of humor before bed. Hence, I disagree once again, with the fine NY Times critic Jeannette Catsoulis who probably took it all in one sitting. True, it’s the movie’s fault to not forewarn people about portion suggestions.

Catsouils writes the movie is ‘belching clouds of poor taste’….true IF you drink the entire fifth of tequila in one sitting. But on separate evenings, the humor an admittedly jarring guffaw, but you need to view humor as a globe, and appreciate the work each gag entailed: hidden cameras, elaborate costumes (man dressed as a gorilla, two black men disguised as two white women) and actors that can hang in there with a premise (Tiffany Haddish is an amazingly straight faced toughie), just to mention a few. Not to mention the gonads to pull off such gags without suffering some dupe’s short patience and temper.

Humor is meant to shock, especially these days when so much has already been done. I wonder if Jeannette finds the WAP song just as disturbing. I know I do since it perpetuates women’s primary gift to men as sexual, when all sapiosexuals know that the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Kitao Sakurai (director and writer) and co creator and star Eric Andre have the creative brains to pull this off, and doggone it, I admire them.