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Bones and All is based on a book by Camille DeAngelis and certainly not anything I’d ever read. The horror/love story genre’s not my cup of plasma.

The adapted screenplay’s the product of David Kajganich and is the main reason I decided to give this a shot, well that AND Mark Rylance AND Timothee Chalamet, both of whom should have an Oscar for “Don’t Look Up” and “Beautiful Boy” respectively. But I digress, Kajganich’s Bigger Splash is one of the sexiest movies I’ve ever seen, so I was hoping…

And that’s one of the problems with Bones and All, the creep factor is magnified and the sexy meter’s on tepid. This could be more of a direction choice (Luca Guadagino, a master of Call Me By Your Name, This is Love).

But don’t get me wrong, I did like Kubrikian “The Shining” feel of this film even down to the grainy Kodak film, having fun with the scintillating dread of ‘something wicked this way comes’. Mark Rylance is such a perfect actor, he can play dignified (recently in The Outfit) and here he is deliciously horrifying. His line, “Well, I guess he didn’t get the telegram” made me literally laugh out loud.

While I’m on the hair raising topic, let me mention another actor who should own an Oscar for best supporting in Guadagino’s “Call Me By Your Name”‘s (ironically starring real life cannibal, Armie Hammer) Michael Stuhlbarg. In Bones and All, he plays a backwoods cannibal whose hyena laugh and good ol’ boy nature are pitch perfect. He’s a mini Rylance, being able to transform himself from Shirley Jackson’s intellectual pompous ass husband in “Shirley” to this hillbilly. Bravo, my man.

The love story between Timothee and Taylor Russell is formulated and while I did feel their island of misfit toys connection, I needed more sexy and less cliche romantic music and kissing. Taylor Russell is terrific as the damaged girl looking for her backstory, and my goodness, Chloe Sevigny gets a tie for the award of ‘I’m unrecognizable’ (the other nominee is Colin Farrel for The Penguin) as Taylor’s mother.

I enjoyed the ending of the film, but unfortunately was ruined by unskilled movie goers who started chatting before the ending shot. These dolts should be banned from movies until they undergo a rehab workshop on how to carry yourself in a theater.

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