Saltburn a #HeToo Movie if only Barry Would File

Barry Keoghan is one of the finest young actors around. Watch Banshees of Inersherin or Killing of a Sacred Deer. But in Saltburn, sicko Emerald Fennell decided to humiliate the living daylight out of him. I literally think the movie is grounds for a sexual assault charge. There were some positives for the females in… Continue reading Saltburn a #HeToo Movie if only Barry Would File

“Anomaly” of a Fall

I renamed this film “Anomaly” of a Fall, substituting anomaly for anatomy since I think the term courtroom drama is an oxymoron. And by that I mean, these days, since the trope has been done to death. Yet like a magician, Justine Triet (director, writer) and Arthur Harari (co-writer) have cooked up an interesting courtroom… Continue reading “Anomaly” of a Fall

My Love Letter to the Filmspotting Podcast

I think perhaps my response to their (Adam Kempenaar and Josh Larsen’s) recent podcast (available on Spotify) is better written than either of my reviews. So, here’s a copy: I absolutely love your podcast! I had comments on both The Holdovers and Priscilla: The Holdovers I pray is Giamatti’s chance to win an Oscar. By… Continue reading My Love Letter to the Filmspotting Podcast

The Holdovers, It’s Giamatti Time

The Holdovers, directed by Alexander Payne and written by David Hemingson, brings Giamatti to the top of the acting mountain and he is my number won for best actor (already). Two other actors in the film also deserve accolades; Dominic Sessa as the neglected emo, does a yeoman’s job not to overact and Da’Vine Randolph… Continue reading The Holdovers, It’s Giamatti Time

Persian Version: Effective Narrative

Persian Version, written and directed by Maryam Keshavarz is a moving based-on-a-true story film. The film garnered two prizes this year at Sundance for both screenwriting and as a drama. The actresses who play mother and daughter (Niousha Noor and Layla Mohammadi respectively) issued robust and believable performances. Iranian women have been through some things… Continue reading Persian Version: Effective Narrative

Priscilla: Edward Hopper Level Design, Finger Paint Story

I understand that Priscilla’s life included a lot of isolation with intermittent bells and whistles. And that’s exactly what Sofia Coppola’s easy on the eye movie portrayed. However, this is the movie industry and I feel the story could have included more spice. I mean, wasn’t their sex life ever exciting? Even one roll in… Continue reading Priscilla: Edward Hopper Level Design, Finger Paint Story