A Knockoff: House of Gucci

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Yo Ridley, yes you, Mr Scott, Com’ere. And you, Becky Johnston, well, you my dear, being the Oscar nominee that you are (Prince of Tides) should have gone solo on this screenplay. Not that I can blame Roberto Bentivegna for everything, but something went very awry here with House of Gucci.
Having read the book, I was so, so, so excited about the first meeting scene between Gaga and Driver. But nooooo, one of you three knuckleheads totally butchered it. It’s called foreplay folks, it’s called Driver looking across the room, salivating over Gaga, a slow build to their first words.
I would have also included a scene where Gaga shows up for a morning college class still in her nightclub dress, apathetic to her college degree because her mother has groomed her to be a talented gold digger. But no, we get no set up for that, simply that Gaga’s character stalks him (what girl hasn’t put themselves conveniently in the sight of a man’s she’s attracted to), and that she doesn’t know Klimt from Picasso, so uncultured must equal gold digger and only then do we get this idea from Driver’s Dad played weakly (figuratively speaking) by Jeremy Irons.
I was also excited to see some camp with Salma Hayek doing her psychic spells on the cursed cruise ship that Driver’s character passionately rehabbed for his Gaga. But nooooo, you don’t put that scene either. Instead you choose a lame call in show, so shallow. My scene would have shown Driver’s devotion and heightened our caring for their relationship.
On my second viewing I adored Jared Leto doing his schtick, but continue this with the meeting of the hit man scene which seemed ridiculously melodramatic. Al Pacino was able to have a little fun, and yet pull off some great dramatic father-son scenes.
The music was a bit clunky in parts. I enjoyed the 80’s soundtrack, but could have done without the music videos with Adam Grant by Harry Gregson-Williams. Props also to Dariusz Wolski for beautiful snowy shots, and Janty Yates who won for a little movie called Gladiator, for Lady Gaga’s delicious outfits.
So you three are forgiven after my second watching, though what could have been a home run, was just a pop up fly.

By Goldie

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