Anais in Love: An Arc de Goodenumph

France may as well be Mars to me. They’re such odd people. They are so rushed, emphatic and impatitent as evidenced by the character Anais (portrayed by Anais Demoustier…coincidence?) in Anais in Love, written and directed by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet.
Eerily similar in plot to The Worst Person in the World, Anais in Love is a much much much lesser film. First, Anais beats Julie (TWWITW main character) as a much more vile person in the world since during the film’s first quarter, she could give two croissants about babies, boyfriends and smoke alarms. She admittedly admits to having no principles. Luckily karma does come back to bite her, but not to much harm. And that seems to be the French way, they skip and skip through life (actually literally running in Anais’s case).
I enjoyed the comedic moments (bravo to Denis Podalydes and Jean-Charles Clichet) more so than the melodramatic: Anais’s mother’s medical condition, the lesbian affair… and probably because of the first part of the film building her to be an incompetent jerk.

By Goldie

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