Zola: O Ma!

Zola written and directed by Janicza Bravo (creator of past films like Lemon which starred her husband the fabulous Brett Gelman) proves that the wife in this case may eclipse her spouse. Meaning, Zola is original, memorable and upsetting which are all hallmarks of an important film. Sex trafficking is an important issue, but not… Continue reading Zola: O Ma!

ITH:Finally, a musical extravaganza like the old days!

I remember seeing my first Fred Astaire movie, simply in awe at the dancing prowess, not just of ‘the man’, but all the dancers moving in perfect synchronicity. So how refreshing, but not surprised considering my adoration for Hamilton, to be super moved by the dancing in Quiara Alegria Hudes and Linn-Manuel Miranda’s play and… Continue reading ITH:Finally, a musical extravaganza like the old days!

Undine, (Water)Mark her words

I discovered Christian Petzold after catching Transit one home cinema evening. I enjoyed how smart the story was and how it challenged me to pay attention. Likewise, with Petzold’s newest Undine, loosely based on the water nymph mythology. Petzold reteams the unrequited lovers in Transit, actress Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski as well as another… Continue reading Undine, (Water)Mark her words

Like the Most Annoying Bourne Identity: Cruella

I can’t remember where in the sequence the Bourne film was that drove me nuts, but Cruella achieved likewise. Their common ailment? I really don’t care to watch someone (or a group of three in Cruella) run for two hours straight since a real marathon would have much more substance. This is not to say… Continue reading Like the Most Annoying Bourne Identity: Cruella