Cheadle, Linklater and…Atencio?

I realize my title is like that old Sesame Street game “Which of these directors doesn’t belong?” Read on… A frenetic schedule forces me to do a threesome here, if only to preserve reading time for The New Yorker and Theresa Rebeck staring at me as I type. Miles Ahead, directed by Don Cheadle took… Continue reading Cheadle, Linklater and…Atencio?

Hello, My Name is Flourished (with delight!)

sally field Hello My Name is Doris was fantastic! I was reminded of just how endearing Ms. Field is and what I could possibly do to channel some Sally! I think it boils down to this: first her name imbues joy. I’ve known a few Sally’s in my life and they’ve all been the sweetest.… Continue reading Hello, My Name is Flourished (with delight!)