EveryBOGEY Loves Raymond: Somewhere in Queens

SOMEWHERE IN QUEENS (Directed and co-written by Ray Romano) was a feast of acting by Laurie Metcalf, Ray Romano, Jennifer Esposito and Sebastion Maniscalpo. Romano possesses a sad eyed handsome Bogart mystique and you can’t help but love him, hence EveryBOGEY Loves Raymond. My hope is for him to receive a few award nominations. He’s… Continue reading EveryBOGEY Loves Raymond: Somewhere in Queens

Sarasota Experience: You’d Have Me With “Hello”

Yesterday afternoon, before attending the premiere of the short, but brilliant documentary premiere of Shaun Greenspan’s “Sarasota Experience” at the Sarasota Opera House last night, I was walking down Gulfstream Ave., disheartened by the lack of “hello”‘s of which I’ve recently become more and more aware. I truly love Sarasota and love the walk-ability, and… Continue reading Sarasota Experience: You’d Have Me With “Hello”

Madame: Collette & Keitel

Madame is a homework movie I watched for my upcoming talk on Mafia Mamma on April 14th at Burns Court Theater. Madame is written and directed by Amanda Sthers who also wrote Mafia Mamma. Reading her book Holy Lands (also turned into a film), I’m fully understanding her style, whimsically moving. Madame never made it… Continue reading Madame: Collette & Keitel

Famili”AIR”ty Breeds Success

Let’s face it. Affleck and Damon feel like my brothers from another mother. I’ve basically grown up with them from Mystic Pizza to Good Will Hunting to Argo and Stillwater. I love these guys even if they sometimes disappoint (J Lo & Bitcoin commercials, respectively). And of course, who isn’t in love with Jason Bateman’s… Continue reading Famili”AIR”ty Breeds Success

Certainly Never Fade Away: The Buddy Holly Story

Similarly to when I’d see my son get standing ovations at SUNY Geneseo, my Burns Court experience last night provoked me to turn around and think, “Why the heck aren’t there even more people here to witness this marvel?” Not only is the film The Buddy Holly Story a super quality film (tightly written by… Continue reading Certainly Never Fade Away: The Buddy Holly Story