Roger Ebert “Life Itself”

I tend toward constant vacillation (and I say that chagrined, not bragging) so I really wanted to see Life Itself when the doc news was first revealed. But typically, in the lag time between announcing and screening, I started to dread the gruesome medical procedure discussed by the director on an NPR feature. Yet, I… Continue reading Roger Ebert “Life Itself”

1-800-Bill Murray aka “St. Vincent”

First props to for this gorgeous art rendering of Bill Murray! Ok, I was excited about St. Vincent. Wes Anderson cameos aside (most recently “Grand Budapest Hotel”), Bill Murray hasn’t had a lead role in a long while. And I’ve had a Bill Murray crush since his nerdy-sexy SNL days. Lost in Translation has… Continue reading 1-800-Bill Murray aka “St. Vincent”

My Old Crush is in “My Old Lady”

I try hard not to read reviews before I go see a film, but I confess I took a sneak peak to Rotten Tomatoes before heading out to Pittsford Cinema in Rochester, New York to view “My Old Lady”. A trusted friend had told me it was good, but I wanted a professional’s opinion. A… Continue reading My Old Crush is in “My Old Lady”

Gone Girl, I Rest My Case

Miraculously my surprise was intact by the middle of “Gone Girl” despite its notoriety as a best selling book and that the movie had been out for ten days. I take partial credit, not reading the New Yorker review, which is notoriously plot synopsis. I enjoyed three quarters of the film until Ben Affleck’s character… Continue reading Gone Girl, I Rest My Case

Turturro: Woody Allen, a welcome salve. Yes, you read that correctly.

Woody Allen Listen, I lost two of my favorite funny people this year; Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. And I hadn’t seen Woody Allen do the film persona Woody Allen since the ’80’s. So thank you John Turturro for writing a directing “Fading Gigilo” which I finally had a chance to get on-demand this weekend.… Continue reading Turturro: Woody Allen, a welcome salve. Yes, you read that correctly.

Love Strange, but Chopin Marvelous

marisa tomei Saw “Love is Strange” at my favorite theater, The Little in Rochester, New York. I’ve been a fan of Marisa Tomei forever and while I’d like to say this is a knockout performance equal to “Before the Devil Knows Your Dead”, alas, it’s not Oscar season just yet. The best thing about the… Continue reading Love Strange, but Chopin Marvelous

Frank-ly Give a Damn and a Half

Reminiscent of my recent “The Drop” experience, the movie “Frank”, directed by Lenny Abrahamson, leads to a slow boil. And while The Drop’s after effects were more about character and acting appreciation, my post Frank experience carried more emotion, especially when I saw the birth and death dates of the real Frank, Chris Sievey’s (1955-2010).… Continue reading Frank-ly Give a Damn and a Half