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Photograph, a Little Fuzzy Around the Edges

Ritesh Batra wrote and directed “Photograph” and with a great premise and earnest cast, the film almost hits the quality of his previous gem “The Lunch Box”. It’s one thing to leave a movie open ended (which this one does), it’s another to leave an important loose end. I have to wonder how this happens… Continue reading Photograph, a Little Fuzzy Around the Edges

Booksmart: A Goody-Two Shoes Rebellion

Booksmart was a whip smart story of two goody two shoes who realize on the brink of high school graduation that they have been too sheltered to experience love, lust and uninhibited joy. Olivia Wilde may have directed Booksmart, but four horsewomen of comedy: Fogel, Halpern, Haskins and Silberman wrote the screenplay. The story was… Continue reading Booksmart: A Goody-Two Shoes Rebellion

The Majestic, An Oldie but a Sweetie

Hard to believe 2001 was almost 20 years ago, my son was an innocent 8 years old, yet shielding him from our country’s rapid ageing after 9/11 seemed impossible. In line with 2001’s innocence, and subsequent loss of, I watched a movie from December of that year, The Majestic, at the suggestion of my movie… Continue reading The Majestic, An Oldie but a Sweetie

Rocketman: ‘Hall’ of Fame Movie

My ‘Hall’ of Fame title works a double shift, denoting a multilayered touching film with the screenwriter’s name; Lee ‘Hall’ of War Horse and Billy Elliot fame. And while there’ll be plenty of ‘was this as good as Bohemian Rhapsody’ comparisons, I’ll be the first to say, ‘hell yeh’. AND, while no one is going… Continue reading Rocketman: ‘Hall’ of Fame Movie

Inventive Back Stories: An odd comparison of Joy and Melancholia

Ok, maybe the most oddly contrasted movies in history, like comparing apples and oranges, but because I watched the films on the same day, I claim emotional license to do so. “Ask Dr. Ruth”, currently showing at Burns Court was absolute rapturous joy. To paraphrase my movie friend Gus Mollasis, who hosted an enlivened talk… Continue reading Inventive Back Stories: An odd comparison of Joy and Melancholia

Wild Nights with Emily: A Smoothie

After a disorienting first ten minutes, my confusion about the film, kind of what you’d wonder when trying to name an alien being you’ve never seen before, dissipated and I was totally in for the ride. First, let me ruin one thing for you. If you’re expecting to witness actual wild nights with Emily, stay… Continue reading Wild Nights with Emily: A Smoothie

Long Shot, Truth Hot

There’s much to love about “Long Shot”, directed by Jonathan Levine, also known for two of my positive feel good flicks, “Snatched” and “The Wackness” (a perfect take-your-teen-to-teach-him-about-sex movies, no joke, it’s perfect). Here Levine, gets physical once again, this time grown up 2019 style with Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen comingling. While midway, the… Continue reading Long Shot, Truth Hot