Broker, Positive End-Orphans

PREFACE: Please email me with your comments at I promise to respond to every human:) I’ve been a fan of Hirokazu Koreeda ever since having my heart broken open by his film Shoplifters, so my expectations were gigantic for his newest, Broker. Koreeda went solo on this film, managing both the screenplay and direction… Continue reading Broker, Positive End-Orphans

Chile ’76, A Fine First Feature Filet

Manuela Martelli has quite a few acting roles under her belt, but this is her first feature directed film. I had to do a double take as her resemblance to the main female lead played by Aline Kuppenheim is astounding! Martelli shares the writing credit with Alejandra Moffat and must be thrilled with the international… Continue reading Chile ’76, A Fine First Feature Filet