Afire: Pentagon on Sadness

Much like Triangle of Sadness, (an Oscar 2023 nominated film), Afire, written and directed by Christian Petzold (Undine and Transit being his other most recent and popular), deals in part with the breakdown of relationships caused by sexual power dynamics. What begins as a trio thrown together, two men on a working vacation with a… Continue reading Afire: Pentagon on Sadness

Undine, (Water)Mark her words

I discovered Christian Petzold after catching Transit one home cinema evening. I enjoyed how smart the story was and how it challenged me to pay attention. Likewise, with Petzold’s newest Undine, loosely based on the water nymph mythology. Petzold reteams the unrequited lovers in Transit, actress Paula Beer and Franz Rogowski as well as another… Continue reading Undine, (Water)Mark her words

Back to 2018 for one I missed: Transit

Transit, is based on a novel by Anna Seghers, whose other novels were also turned into excellent films like 1944’s The Seventh Cross. Christian Petzold, wrote and directed this modernized version of Seghers’ Transit and despite the confusing beginning, the film is a thought provoking and mind bending script of twists and turns. Franz Rogowski,… Continue reading Back to 2018 for one I missed: Transit