Commission Possible: Dead Reckoning Dialogue

Fun vocabulary fact: Commission can mean the money you make on sales. Commission can also mean the act of granting certain powers or the authority to carry out a particular task or duty. And boy did the “writers” have a commission for lame dialogue. Read on.

But first, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning is worth seeing. There are three scenes of the action/chase variety that made me want to squeal with delight. And who doesn’t like seeing Tom Cruise parachuting/hang gliding like the cute little boy/man he is.

But the dialogue, oh my. I doubt we can blame it on Bruce Geller since he died in 1978 (laughter emoji) and the poor guy is probably rolling over in his grave at this horrendous writing. And my apologies since I just researched and discovered that Geller died in a plane crash in his late 40’s.
Ok, so let’s point the red pen at Erik Jendresen who must have done a much better job on Band of Brothers since he was an awarded an Emmy for the series.
Or was it Christopher McQuarrie who won an Oscar for The Usual Suspects and helped on Top Gun: Maverick?

Based on their accolades, while it looks like my complaint might be a me problem, let me display my defense by writing a short skit mimicking the ugliness of “the talk”:

Critic: It was as if they were writing-
Joe: for puppets or-
Jane: robots or-
Critic: perhaps it was ChatGPT script.

You get the idea. It was as if one character couldn’t spit out a complete sentence…Holy Staccato Batman.
Horrendous. I can’t help but blame Tommy Cruise a little, I mean obviously the budget went to the effects and the sound (which was also divine). But still, Tom, where have your Born on the Fourth of July days gone?

As for the women; love Rebecca Ferguson, Hayley Atwell”s growing on me since the chemistry between her and Cruise was sparkly. And Vanessa Kirby, I say stick to Indie flicks since I loved you in Pieces of a Woman. Last, I found Pom Klementieff much more exotic and worth more screen time.

Of course Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames are always rock solid. So positive over all, but disappointment within.

By Goldie

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