Yes, Virginia there is a S.C.! (Steve Carell)

Steve Carell

I was skeptical about Foxcatcher, partly because I couldn’t hide from reviews that claimed the screenplay was thin.

Thank goodness I sometimes take these reviews with a grain of salt, as Foxcatcher contains a very well written story and fabulous performances by Steve Carrel, Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum.

First, the most unique aspect of the script is the silence. As my son, quipped afterward, “Thank God we didn’t have popcorn.” I loved the stillness of the film, not only for added suspense, but also for the oppressive spirit that is inherent in rural areas (I know, having worked in one for 29 years).

Steve Carell is over the top, the penultimate moment of his career. Please Steve, don’t ever do another Anchorman EVER.
Mark Ruffalo, probably the most perfect human male on the planet (against fracking, survived a brain tumor, lives in my neck of the woods, born in good hearted Wisconsin. mother’s French Canadien), is equally wonderful.
Channing Tatum, along with Ruffalo, had to learn very difficult wrestler’s choreography. I learned that wrestling requires near gymnastics like talent, which shows my novice depth knowledge of the sport.

Definitely in my top five movies of the year!

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