Worth: Michael Keaton’s penultimate performance

Hopefully by now, you know I won’t steer you wrong. So trust me when I say, Worth is not only a superbly written film, it raises Michael Keaton to the Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks echelon. I’m from Upstate New York, but because I was a Guidance Counselor when 9/11 occurred, my job that day… Continue reading Worth: Michael Keaton’s penultimate performance

“Spotlight” on Research and Conscience

Spotlight, directed and co written by Tom McCarthy, is an important film. Period. And sometimes having a dysfunctional part of our society exposed is more important than media entertainment. In an artistic sense, “Spotlight” was ho-hum. Research and conscience do not equate great visuals. I’m sure Charlie Kaufman or PT Anderson could come up with… Continue reading “Spotlight” on Research and Conscience