Rituals Paterson Rituals

The Red Wheelbarrow* (William Carlos Williams, 1883 – 1963) so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with rain water beside the white chickens. Jim Jarmusch used William Carlos Williams as his muse for the movie Paterson. And if you’re going to see a movie without any action, based on poetry, one would think… Continue reading Rituals Paterson Rituals

Skimming the Cinematic Stones: Early Linklater

Between my son’s practice in the Finger Lakes Opera ‘Carmen’ and my work on a Blue Cat Screenplay Contest Short, completing a triology of early Linklater was a challenge. But guess what, I’m not late! Santa aka ‘Boyhood’ won’t be in Rochester, New York till 8/15. Let’s start with the wonderful surprise of Slackers (1991),… Continue reading Skimming the Cinematic Stones: Early Linklater