my top ten of 2015

Top Ten Films 2015 1. Love&Mercy 2. Tangerine 3. Steve Jobs 4. Straight Outta Compton 5. Dope 6. Youth 7. The Big Short 8. Brooklyn 9. Welcome to Me 10. Grandma

A Rare Hamletesque Command: Get Thee to a ‘Tangerine’ry

Tangerine Ok, forgive the bad analogy, but since my commandments are rare outside of my workplace (evidence based essays), I had to make that announcement. Forget the nunnery baby, the world is wide wide open with Tangerine on the screen. With Tangerine, think “Clerks” run by the Santa Monica transgendered. Think “Dope” with an equally… Continue reading A Rare Hamletesque Command: Get Thee to a ‘Tangerine’ry

Even the Grinch’s Heart Grew after Seeing “Brooklyn”

Brooklyn Just like Cindy Lou helped grow the Grinch’s heart, “Brooklyn” made mine swell. Trust me, I’d seen the trailer and rolled my eyes, but am lucky the Cindy Lou kernel still inside me provoked a viewing. First, even Truffaut would be enamored by the vibrant colors in this film. From Saoirse Ronan’s emerald one… Continue reading Even the Grinch’s Heart Grew after Seeing “Brooklyn”

Tiny T.O.Ts (Temptation of Trumbo) with their eyes all aglow

Dear Academy I know there’s a double halcyon temptation in giving Bryan Cranston the Oscar for Best Actor. First, he’s an acting genius virtually putting on a second skin to play roles such as Dalton Trumbo in Jay Roach’s TRUMBO, not to mention, he’s probably the most iconic tv character since SEINFELD in BREAKING BAD.… Continue reading Tiny T.O.Ts (Temptation of Trumbo) with their eyes all aglow

“Spotlight” on Research and Conscience

Spotlight, directed and co written by Tom McCarthy, is an important film. Period. And sometimes having a dysfunctional part of our society exposed is more important than media entertainment. In an artistic sense, “Spotlight” was ho-hum. Research and conscience do not equate great visuals. I’m sure Charlie Kaufman or PT Anderson could come up with… Continue reading “Spotlight” on Research and Conscience

A Three Way: Steve Jobs, Burnt, Truth

Michael Fassbender Perhaps my subject line could have been one phrase: Steve Jobs’ Burnt Truth? Did Jobs scorch the truth? Steve Jobs: I don’t know about who ‘didn’t start the fire'(Billy Joel reference), but I will say that once again, Michael Fassbender certainly has an arsenal of acting ability. He’s already thrilled me in Twelve… Continue reading A Three Way: Steve Jobs, Burnt, Truth

Pawn Sacrifice, seats available

I saw Pawn Sacrifice a week ago, and attempted to laugh a most intellectual snicker when I heard the woman in front of me at the box office complain that now that recliners were installed ‘good’ movies are sold out. She was lucky to be saved from The Intern, subtitled DeNiro Doesn’t Care About His… Continue reading Pawn Sacrifice, seats available

“Sleeping With Other People”, Oddly Refreshing

Leslye Headland’s “Sleeping With Other People” was a quirky romantic comedy. Certainly not flawless, yet different enough that I felt momentarily changed to a slightly less inhibited state. So first, the bad news, as in unrealistic dialogue. When Jason Sudeikis sleeps with Amanda Peet (and let’s be clear, Sudeikis is not Peet-worthy in the real… Continue reading “Sleeping With Other People”, Oddly Refreshing