The Trial of the Chicago 7

Aaron Sorkin’s prolific and still relatively young. As I perused his filmography, here are my top five of his films:

1. Steve Jobs
2. Social Network
3. Moneyball
4. Molly’s Game
5. Tie: Charlie Wilson’s War and today’s specialty The Trial of the Chicago 7

Aaron’s forte is his snappy storytelling and The Trial of the Chicago 7 is right up there.

I appreciated the massive cast in The Trial of the Chicago 7, yet at the beginning of the film, it was difficult to not see them acting. Part of it was the semi mundane cinematography which I realize is tough to glamorize. Protests and courtrooms are not that picturesque.

What didn’t help was the make up and wigs. Again, I realize this was the late 60’s, but Sacha Baron Cohen’s wig looked like something he used on Borat and Rylance’s comb over looked fake as well. Like Rylance (maybe the equal in underappreciated as Willem Dafoe), Jeremy Strong portrayed Jerry Rubin with excellence, yet his wig also looked pasted on.

The most believable acting goes to Frank Langella, Eddie Redmayne and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

As a historical document of a very dark time in our past, this film is a 10. As far as a best picture Oscar award winner, a yes for screenplay winner but as for a film, yes to a nomination, but in total I wasn’t wowed.

The Danish Girl: All Sugar, No Jam

Eddie Redmayne

Gotta hand it to Eddie Redmayne He equals Sean Penn for men who can look beautiful in make up. No lie. It’s as if he was meant for this role.

If only the pacing of the movie wasn’t slower than an 10 course French brunch. Hooper has been stuck since “Les Mis”, which also didn’t have the crisp clip of his best, “The King’s Speech”.

The costumes, nominated for an Oscar, are gorgeous. It’ll be a tough choice between the fashions in “Carol” and this film.

No offense to Alicia Vikander, who seems pretty bland. What does she care though, she’s dating the number one hot actor (in my humble opinion-Fassbender).

Not much to give away, anyone could write this. What brings the movie to life is soley the grand acting of Redmayne. He’s the MVP.