The Bigger Splash-A Must See!

A Bigger Splash is a must see, partly due to Tilda Swinton who plays a muted (due to her character’s vocal injury) rock and roll singer. And while seeing this in my new home town of Sarasota, I felt a little like Tilda, muted in my won way by a stress fracture due to running, a clipped bird, but trying my best to move on. Tilda Swinton has always been a beauty who leans toward masculinity, and I, too felt this too, with my clomping fracture boot topped off with a flowered sun dress. Goofy yet oddly elegant. i
I’m neither arrogant nor masking insanity. I’ve just decided to embrace life and pray that my deep loneliness due to decades of rigid independence be finally relinquished.
And Ralph Fiennes is enough to rekindle desire. He owns this film and hasn’t been this good since The English Patient. I’m glad he’s come out of the shadow of Wes Anderson kookiness.
Dear reader may I explain that this beautiful Kindle has the sound of an old typewriter and seems to want to put periods in between words like Morse code. But I persevere.
And after a lackluster start in 50 Shades of Backwash, Dakota Johnson is jaw dropping.
The fourth actor in this tangled quadrant, Matt Schoenhaerts, more than held his own. Astonishingly, M.S. was also in Far from the Madding Crowd, and even though I loved that movie, he seemed like a completely different person. Which I believe is probably the highest praise an actor can receive.

Not an Earthquake, Just Julius Rollin’ Over: Hail, Caesar

Rotten Tomatoes, are you kidding me? The collection of critics who averaged higher than a 75% should have their opine licenses revoked.

Hail, Caesar was an utter bore. The trailer may look cute, but the film as a whole has no solid story nor characterization. Remember the halcyon Coen Brohters Days? In Big Lebowski, all character meant something, from Philip Seymor Hoffman to Steve Buschemi.

The most lively section of Hail Caesar was the dancing scene with Channing Tatum. Two hours of just outtakes from that piece would have been more entertaining. Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton deserve honorable mentions, at least their characters were genuinely comical on a teensy minute scale.