Gone Girl, I Rest My Case

Miraculously my surprise was intact by the middle of “Gone Girl” despite its notoriety as a best selling book and that the movie had been out for ten days. I take partial credit, not reading the New Yorker review, which is notoriously plot synopsis.

I enjoyed three quarters of the film until Ben Affleck’s character acquiesces into 98% of Caucasian males, with an impish shrug, and a “Duh, whatever she says.” But I guess that’s what makes books and movies worthwhile at times, giving the public some topic to rail against.

And while I’m on a mini rant, I’d like to go back to men of the old days, you know like FDR, who I had a re-education on thanks to Ken Burns week long series. Could our President get involved with the people of this country. Go down to Ferguson and make a speech to end the violence and racial oppression and head on over to Congress when the clowns are working and give them a lecture. If there was ever a time when a lame duck could do us all in, it’s now. Ebola on one side, Isis on the other, (here I am stuck in the middle with you). Our country desperately needs someone who speaks up, and takes charge. And if a man can’t do it, then bring on Hillary!

And for the love of God, don’t sleep or shower with a woman who would let you rot in jail, not even if she’s Rosamund Pike, who has about as much white bread charisma as Gwynneth Paltrow. (on behalf of the keep Joan River’s spite alive:)