On the Rocks, Conned this Rox

One of my top fifteen movies of all time is Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola’s gorgeous ode to feeling misunderstood, captured perfectly by two different generations (Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson) who come together in a hotel bar. So I went skipping to On the Rocks, Sofia’s newest using Bill Murray again, in a different… Continue reading On the Rocks, Conned this Rox

1-800-Bill Murray aka “St. Vincent”

First props to deviantart.com for this gorgeous art rendering of Bill Murray! Ok, I was excited about St. Vincent. Wes Anderson cameos aside (most recently “Grand Budapest Hotel”), Bill Murray hasn’t had a lead role in a long while. And I’ve had a Bill Murray crush since his nerdy-sexy SNL days. Lost in Translation has… Continue reading 1-800-Bill Murray aka “St. Vincent”