ITH:Finally, a musical extravaganza like the old days!

I remember seeing my first Fred Astaire movie, simply in awe at the dancing prowess, not just of ‘the man’, but all the dancers moving in perfect synchronicity. So how refreshing, but not surprised considering my adoration for Hamilton, to be super moved by the dancing in Quiara Alegria Hudes and Linn-Manuel Miranda’s play and screen adaptation. Jon M. Chu deserves credit as well, for directing a deluge of a cast.
And speaking of cast, Anthony Ramos is perfection as the lead, Usnavi, as is his love interest, Melissa Barrera. Gorgeous and great acting made the movie’s long running time go by in a flash. The other romantic couple, Leslie Grace and Corey Hawkins were solid runner-ups, but not charismatic enough to compete with the main stars. Jimmy Smits was terrific as the caring father, Olga Merediz also great as the sage Auntie, and Gregory Diaz IV was inspiring and funny as the teenage dreamer working at the bodega.
At 2:23, the musical could have used some editing and as I’m not a Script Doctor but I play one on tv, I’d cut a bit of the beauty salon piece, trim down the pool scene and Auntie’s song and departure and bingo, you have a solid 2 hour flick. But minor chump change considering the grandness of the dance sequences and special effects which were sprinkled in just enough to add a little more wonder. Bravo!

By Goldie

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