Money Can’t Buy You Soul, proof: The Pickle Recipe’s Delish!

Give Sheldon Cohn a round of applause! He wrote and directed a sweet indie movie called The Pickle Recipe. My hope is some big wig producer will buy the rights and remake it to make Mr. Cohn a rich man. Or better yet, just hire him to write your next script.

What makes “The Pickle Recipe” sweet rather than dill? (excuse the pickle pun, I’m such a gherkin). First the characters are drawn realistically. Grandma’s stubborn, but not crazy, our hero is a failure in business, but has a big heart. His buddy, a wanna be stand up comedian is clumsy, but has morals. His uncle is a scheister (ok to use here since it’s a Jewish family), but capable of redemption.

The highlight for me, and seconded by my fellow movie lover, were the scenes with Eric Edelstein who plays the hero’s buddy, willing to masquerade as a Rabbi in order to score Grandma’s recipe. Edelstein is adorable and really funny. His IMDB filmography fortunately has some upcoming titles so I hope he’s been duly noted. Though I see some dramatic titles (Twin Peaks) I have faith someone with a brain sees and exhibits his comic side.

If this small indie film comes to your town, roll out the barrel, you’ll have a barrel of fun (last pickle reference, promise). The movie far surpasses both big budget comedies I’ve seen during the month of October.

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