This is Where I leave You- in the Dumpster

Jonathan Tropper, don’t care to meet him. He threw everything but the kitchen sink, wait no, there was a sink, too, my mood as I spent three log days watching segments before getting ill each time from utter schlock syndrome.

Sure, I’m a day late (more like a year) and a dollar short (more like my Netflix fee), but man, am i glad I ddin’t pay full price for this stinker. I’m a Fey, Bateman and Driver fan and think Kathryn Hahnido s wnright amazing, but this just reeked of hyperbole.

All I had to spy was Night at the Museum to confirm Shawn Levy’s (director) ‘credentials’.

Wasted enough of my life on this one. Gotta get a new rental ‘bookie’/advisor, bad advice on this one.

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