Ain’t No Holla Back for Hologram for a King

It’s tough to write a blog about film this week, since I’ve been main lining Prince music for the past 48 hours. But when your Dad calls and only has 5 hours to spend with you and wants to do a movie, you rise to the occasion. Hence, the safe Dad choice: Tom Hanks. And though Tom never fails, he has a tough time making much of a script that’s flatter than a small sand dune.

While it’s tough not to be enamored with the romance of the plot; Tom and beautiful actress Sarita Choudhury, the driver subplot could’ve have been much stronger.

I had high hopes of a Saudi version of Lost in Translation where Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson are elevated by Sophia Coppola, but Tom Twyker can’t resuscitate Dave Eggers. And while I loved Zeitoun (another book by Eggers), his autobiography was all over the place, making me think he’s a one trick wonder-I know harsh criticism for a girl who hasn’t published much.

But being the great Dad that he is, he didn’t complain, and instead enjoyed his large popcorn and recliner. and once home, I returned to sit shiva with Prince’s “Nothing Compares to You” and throughout a hip dancing around to “Baby I’m a Star” thinking of days and movies gone by.