J. Schwartzman: “I Kissed a Guy and I Liked…”

“The Overnight” didn’t meet my unrealistic expectations. I was hoping for something akin to Demme’s “Something Wild”, but except for Jason Schwartzman who makes the best semi real comically kooky man since Woody Allen, this film was more like couples therapy than comedy.

What was missing was a little more slapstick which I rarely encourage. If anything,this movie did not change my single person’s opinion. I didn’t go running from the cinema saying, ‘let’s get married!’. In fact the film confirmed how claustrophobic and dysfunctional the institution can be. How many white and black lies must be chiseled in order to keep things harmonious.

What does the movie do well besides show case Schwartzman’s zaniness? Well, Adam Scott has a future in serious roles. And in true 20-teens fashion, the film broke new ground in minutes of full frontal male nudity.

But still I liked Jeff Daniels’ 1986 goofy reunion dancing better.

Something Wild remains victorious