Future book idea: shh, it’s a secret: “The End of the Tour”

Sadly surprisingly, when I looked up another film that helped me back in the day by Jonathan Levine called The Wackness, I saw that JL hadn’t had big big success since then…I mean, I shouldn’t judge as I didn’t see Warm Bodies, but am not a zombie fan.

But much like The Wackness, James Ponsoldt’s The end of the Tour was engaging and informative for my son, a recent college graduate. The conversations between Lipsky and Wallace were heartfelt male perspectives fictionalized fantastically by Eisenberg and Segel, respectively.

I also have a special place in my heart for David Foster Wallace in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon way. I wrote to Jonathan Franzen after his speaking engagement through the Rochester arts and Lectures series at least 10 years ago and was honored to receive 2 post cards from the writer. Likewise, David Foster Wallace was humble and caring toward his fans. In one movie scene, when Lipsky asks two women how they know DFW, one of them replied that she had simply written him a fan letter and they had struck up a correspondence. It’s no surprise that Wallace and Franzen were friends, in part, surely because they common humility and heart.

If you have a son who is anywhere from 22 to 35, The End of the Tour can provide male empathy that is often hard to impart. And Jason Segel deserves an Oscar nod for nailing the role of a truly gifted, yet tortured writer. David Foster Wallace would have been flattered.

Trainwreck & the Tracks of My Tears

I was really looking forward to Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. Like many, I thought she was too crude at one time, but three skits on her tv series Inside Amy Schumer turned me right around this past winter.

First the skits which I implore you to google one, if not all, and watch to your giggle’s content:
1. 12 Angry Men shot in black and white. First, don’t try this at work, unless you want to get fired as it’s the entire 30 minute show. Paul Giamatti (nominated for an Emmy guest appearance by the way) plays the angriest juror as the men debate whether Amy is hot enough for television..hysterical, intelligent, perverse.
2. Silent Film being ousted by Talkies (also shot in black and white), a skit where the aforementioned topics are switched to handies vs. mouthies…and I’ll let you figure that out if you dare not to watch.
3. The Herpes Scare with Paul Giamatti again (can you tell I’m a fan?-John Adams, Sideways, Love & Mercy!). Paul plays God in this skit which is perfect; witty and obscene.

Now back to Trainwreck: I truly enjoyed it, but will concur with Marshall Fine (Hollywood and Fine reviews) in that Apatow needs to edit. Until you’re Scorsese you can’t put every bloody scene you shoot in a flick.

And at the risk of sounding too Amy-like (meaning commitment phobic NOT whorish), the romance aspect was overdone. And please, no more straight roles for Bill Hader, he does his best work as kooky characters like Stefan on the SNL News. Let this man camp it up and NOT play a pathetic Dr. Oz look alike!

To finish on an up note, as I do think her writing is genius, I love how she layers her comedy, what with the recurring movie within a movie starring Daniel Radcliffe and Marissa Tomei and if I lived anywhere near Manhattan, I would have seen both of Colin Quinn’s Broadway shows. Watch out Kristen Wiig, here comes Amy.