The Greatest Showman, The Second Time Around

What a gift my Christmas Day was! I got to spend an hour or two ONE ON ONE with my Grandma, amazing, my Dad (in hospital, but hopefully out Wednesday), and my Mom (for my second viewing of The Greatest Showman).

My mom loved the movie and I have to say, I both liked it better and hated it more, the second time around. Yes, an odd mix. I will explain.

Let’s get the hate out of the way first. This film is super corny and unrealistic. Problems come and go like a Floridian breeze, a fire, an affair, a bankruptcy, but I appreciate this is a musical and not meant to be of the Les Mis caliber. My other pet peeve is that I’d like to see an entire dance sequence. The dances for each song look very technical in choreography, but the plot zips by so fast that the dances are all cut up. Perhaps the editors need the book I’m reading Meditation for Fidgety People by Dan Hill.

Now let’s talk about the LOVE shall we?, on the Christmas 2017. This is a guilty pleasure a la mode and I couldn’t help but notice this time that each scene s carefully crafted. Michelle Williams looking longingly at an empty theater seat, means she gets that her husband is straying, Zac Efron locking eyes with Zendaya on the trapeze means they’re going to wind up together. So as much as the fast pace bugged me, I respect how tight it was.

I’d love for this show to be produced on Broadway, yet fully realize there was already a musical named Barnum. But now that the circus has closed in Sarasota, it might just be time for a musical. If it happens, I’m there with bells on, waiting to see some great dance numbers in total and listen to the very uplifting music.

And dare I say, if I gt a chance to see it again for free, I’d probably go, I love, and think our society is in desperate need of, positive vibes.

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