Film Blog Written at the HYPER speed of The Greatest Showman…zippppppp!

Ok, not the greatest of all weeks, Dad in hospital, my back out, each chiropractor visit is 5 hours of work at the book store……

Anywho, I saw a great film (wahoo to song writers Justin Paul and Benj Pasek-SO much better than your Lala Land) that literally whipped faster across the screen than the one they use to crack at the poor elephants….
A ridiculous film beginning which showed what happens to kids without child labor laws which literally twirls into a dance routine which my friend Dave whispered, ‘Guess you can get pregnant dancing’. This was part of the stress relieving laugh I needed after the week I’ve had.

But no more laughs were needed as this film was fantastically upbeat. The Greatest Showman directed by Michael Gracey(great job with the dance scenes!) is the exact opposite of Wonder Wheel, an upper, a chant to let your freak flag fly (the original circus idea was based on the deformed getting some attention, supposedly, according to this film, positive).

As 99% of white males, PT Barnum (damn is Hugh Jackman talented, so much so I literally want to slap him if he does anymore stupid Wolverine movies, unless he donates the movie to my chiropractic care), goes astray, but all is forgiven at a beach side chat.

Acting wise, bravo to Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya. Michelle Williams? Ugh, seemed like a bit out of order here, she’s more drama than she is musical material.

If they had sold soundtrack copies outside the cinema, I would have bought one post haste. Instead, I’ll have to battle with my Itunes library who (yes I’m humanizing their web program) wouldn’t allow me to buy a Baby Face song awhile back because my payment hadn’t been updated, which I did, over and over again. I believe it’s a passive aggressive program mad that I won’t download the ‘new’ Itunes, sorry go f yourself Apple and happy holidays.

My tea beeps at me and shoppers need my help at the book store. Hence, this is the Fastest Blog Ever Written.

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