My Top Ten of 2017 (revised to include The Shape Of Water!)

It’s tough to write a top ten list when many of this year’s great films have yet to come to Sarasota. The Post, Call Me By Your Name and three of the four Foreign Film noms no where to be seen here. Hey, I’m not complaining, I’d rather wait on a movie than wait for my hands and feet to defrost.

And truth be told, I’m dragging my feet on seeing two that have been nominated: The Sea Creature, oh sorry, The Shape of Water and Another Depressing Movie about World War II, I mean The Darkest Hour. And I’ll go with Matthew Lickona of the San Diego Reader and choose the one he liked best of the two: The Shape of Water soon, I promise. And I’ll update if it needs to slide into my top ten.

AHEM: may I have your attention. K-Mart shoppers, I mean, blog readers, see my humble addition of The Shape of Water and the deposing of Brad’s Status, sorry Ben Stiller, you’re now #11.

So without further ado, here we go in descending order:

10. The Greatest Showman, come on, live a little!
9. Stronger, realistic couple strife.
8. The Big Sick. Well written, love Holly Hunter and Ray Romano.
7. Columbus, meditative, gorgeous.
6. Ingrid Goes West, Aubrey deserves something, for God’s sakes!
5. The Shape of Water, 4 great actors (Hawkins, Shannon, Jenkins, Spencer) and a whale, I mean, sea creature of a tale!
4. The Square, so unique!
3. Lady Bird: Saoirse for Best Actress, Metcalf for Best Supporting.
2. The Disaster Artist (a neck and neck race for number 1). Franco deserves an award.
1. The Florida Project. Please. Give Willem the Award. And Sean Baker, too!

So will The Shape of Water bump someone? Stay tuned!

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