Pawn Sacrifice, seats available

I saw Pawn Sacrifice a week ago, and attempted to laugh a most intellectual snicker when I heard the woman in front of me at the box office complain that now that recliners were installed ‘good’ movies are sold out. She was lucky to be saved from The Intern, subtitled DeNiro Doesn’t Care About His Legacy.

Anyway, there were plenty of open recliners at Pawn Sacrifice! Even better news was that Steven Knight (who wrote the screenplay) made chess seem exciting to the non-chess moi.

Ed Zwick also has to be given credit as a director, although I believe Bobby Fisher’s life as a youngster could also have been pared down a bit. (as could that sentence:)

Toby Maguire is one of those thespians who you forget is an actor. Could it be the blandness of who we know as Toby Maguire allows him to slip into personas easier? Perhaps. I mean the only news I ever hear of the man is alluding to a possible gambling addiction.

Liev Schrieber who I never want to like (my wackiness) did a great job as Bobby Fisher’s Russian foe. And Peter Sarsgaard hits another supporting role out of the park (Black Mass) as the Priest who takes a vicarious liking to Bobby’s goal to be world champion.

Definitely worth seeing either on the big screen or a rental on some rainy afternoon.

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